Ashley Battle – Guest On #TalkSesh

Our chat on #TalkSesh went very well and I think that it ended up being extremely informative for viewers. I know that my personality is more brazen than most, but I hope that what we discussed can inspire someone unlike me to speak up and be heard.

Self-advocacy is the most important form of self-preservation, especially in a work environment where micro-management is an issue.

As far as the feel or vibe of the #talksesh went, I enjoyed the casual nature of it all. It wasn’t scripted or pre-planned on either of our parts and I hope that viewers can see that. I also hope that the casualness and friendliness makes them more comfortable with not only the subject matter, but with the #TalkSesh channel and The Post-It Note blog as a whole. In my personal opinion, authenticity in action is the most important thing in regards to self health.

Overall I enjoyed our chat as well as the subject matter, and am flattered that you chose to have me on. If ever you need another participant for a #TalkSesh…I’d be more than happy to be apart of the series again!

Lavelle Gaddy

“So I’ve been reading your emails….and I want to thank you this morning for them…everything had been awesome to read and to self reflect on. They have been an inspiration to me in many ways.”

Alyssa Rasmussen

Alyssa applying the Post-It Note Method

Alyssa and I had a great talk a few weeks ago and she shared with me a few traumas from her past. I told her to try my Post-It Note Method to practice self-love and she’s currently enjoying the process. Her boyfriend is even supporting her with a post-it note of his own!

Thank you Alyssa for trusting me to assist in your journey!