Red Flags That You Should Look Out For In A New Relationship

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today I want to talk about something very important, specifically because it’s couple’s season or cuffing season, and new relationships are blooming everywhere.

Entering into a new relationship is a beautiful and intoxicating moment. You experience butterflies around your new beau and when they look at you, your heart skips and beat and flutters back down into your stomach and you just melt.

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50 Easy Ways That You Can Practice Self-Love

I need to share something, I am so freaking proud of myself! I’m proud of my consistency with writing, I’m proud of my dedication to my mental and physical health, and I’m proud of the sense of purpose that I have developed through this process of creating and curating this blog.

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30 Things I Learned About Myself This Year

This year is coming to a close and not only do I feel like so much has happened to me, but I also feel like I have changed so much! In honor of the new year, I’m taking this time to challenge myself to recognize 30 things that I’ve learned or am learning about myself this year. So, let’s get right into it.

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Are You Giving Your Loyalty To Toxic People? Here’s Why It Needs To Stop!

For the past few weeks, I have been following the Cardi B and Offset break-up saga. I’ve read comments and listened to the commentary on how she should take him back because he is sorry, and how he is not only manipulative but also abusive in his actions. I’ve listened to Cardi beg her fans to not bad mouth Offset because after all, he is the father of her child.

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