What No One Tells You About Growing Your Instagram

Do it for the gram! Do it for the gram!

How many times have you heard this slogan? I use it myself quite often, more so when I see teenagers awkwardly taking selfies or posing with their friends. On the outside, I am walking with purpose, taking no BS kind of woman who knows how to take care of business. On the inside, I’ll always be that weird corny Aunt! These are the facts.

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What Even Is The Post-It Note?

Welcome back and happy Monday!

I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions about The Post-It Note on Instagram and from friends and family. Mostly there are two questions, the first is what is The Post-It Note actually? The second is how did you get started, which will usually prompt the follow up which is always, well what is the goal?

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How I Came To Reflect & Change My Life For The Better

It was 5:00 AM and I woke up to a very familiar, but extremely unwanted smell. My dog had just jumped back into bed, he is extremely agile and no matter at what speed he rips through our small one bedroom apartment, he always stops, on a dime, right in front of my face. I looked at him and I knew that my pup had just had an accident. 

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