How To Magically Cure Your Winter Funk

Hello and welcome back!

I had originally planned to write something about Valentine’s Day, but to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little down. Seattle’s PNW has been dealing with what many people are calling the snowpocalypse and apparently Seattle hasn’t seen this much snow in about seven years. Although I truly enjoy the snow (with the exception of driving in it) and how pretty it is, this California girl is coming down with a minor case of seasonal depression.

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Red Flags That You Should Look Out For In A New Relationship

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today I want to talk about something very important, specifically because it’s couple’s season or cuffing season, and new relationships are blooming everywhere.

Entering into a new relationship is a beautiful and intoxicating moment. You experience butterflies around your new beau and when they look at you, your heart skips and beat and flutters back down into your stomach and you just melt.

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My Top 5 Beauty Products That I Can Not Live Without

Hello and welcome back!!

I think that we can all agree that you don’t have to be a beauty guru to have a beauty routine or have a select few beauty products that you love and could never part with. These products become so ingrained into your day to day that using them feel like second nature.

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What No One Tells You About Growing Your Instagram

Do it for the gram! Do it for the gram!

How many times have you heard this slogan? I use it myself quite often, more so when I see teenagers awkwardly taking selfies or posing with their friends. On the outside, I am walking with purpose, taking no BS kind of woman who knows how to take care of business. On the inside, I’ll always be that weird corny Aunt! These are the facts.

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