What Are We Willing To Change? An Idea On Leadership

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Last week I found myself really thinking about leadership. I was thinking about the multitude of managers and leaders that I had, and I also thought about how I choose to lead today and how I want to be a leader in the future.

Since I entered the workforce after high school, I’ve had so much experience as an employee, I’ve learned the differences between a manager and a leader; trust me, there is a difference.

I’ve had some really bad managers in the past, people who were so miserable in their roles that everyone had to feel their spite or watch them fall into a place where they didn’t care if their area of responsibility crumbled into ashes.

I’ve also had managers who were so full of themselves that they would rather be right to their superiors than to do right by their people.

But, I have also been fortunate enough to see leaders in action. People who have found the balance where they work as a part of the team, not separate from it. They make no distinction between themselves and their employees.

I saw these leaders roll up their sleeves and mop the floors, work a register, clean a toilet. Share their praise with the team, share the team’s accolades with their superiors and when you get to bear witness to people who lead with the intention to serve, you become inspired!

A coworker gave me some feedback yesterday after I came into work with really bad energy due to a really bad morning. My dog had an accident on the carpet and my boyfriend and I had a really bad argument about it. My energy was a black hole that morning and apparently, it showed.

She pulled me aside at the end of the day and told me that I have an infectious energy, which is one of my strongest leadership qualities, so when I’m happy and in a really positive space people feed off of that and become happier themselves but on the other hand if my mood is not so great, people feel it and I have the power to drop morale.

At first, I felt terrible that I let my personal into the workspace and people could feel that and then I felt a little anxiety over the responsibility that what if I have a bad day? I told her that that sounds like such a burden. She agreed and smiled, and I realized that being able to motivate people with your energy is an amazing gift and essentially is a big characteristic of a great leader, but that gift works both ways and in order to become a great leader, I need to know that, understand it, and bear that burden for the betterment of the team.

I left that conversation feeling inspired and encouraged.

I wanted to share a Ted Talk with you featuring Martin Danoesastro, who is a transformation expert, he talks about leadership and what is it that we are willing to change so that our teams can blossom in an encouraging and productive work environment. I hope that you take from this message and incorporate it into your own lives whether you lead a team of 100, 20, or 1.

Let me know what takeaways you have from the video in a comment below? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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