30 New Hobbies That You Can Do To Manage Stress

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Today I want to talk about how my Friday night Date Night inspired a possible new hobby for me, but first I have to share how my weekend went!

I hope that you all had an amazing weekend. I mostly spent mine at Petco, I had to run there three times because my sweet girl Rose is having some bladder issues and needs to wear a diaper until we can figure out what is wrong. When we first went to Petco, I got the So Phresh Washable Diaper in the XL size, I was going off of her weight and what the box recommended for her. Turns out my dog either has a very unusual body shape and also her weight in an extraordinary way, or the box lied because the extra large was not going to work for her!

Rose is 59 pounds and she is really in between the sizes of extra large and large, so I got an extra large to be safe. It was honestly the largest thing on the planet, Rose has a very small waist and within a few wiggles, she was out of that diaper!

Round two at Petco, we exchanged for a large, I put it on her and it seemed like it fit, it was a little big, but fit way better than the extra large did. We went to sleep and when we woke up, the diaper was at the head of the bed and she was at the foot of the bed. So I had to go back, luckily the Petco is right up the block from where I live.

Hopefully third times the charm this time! I exchanged for a medium, which fits weights between 15-35 pounds… which is completely absurd because rose is a full grown pitbull. Sure she is on the smaller size, but what Pitbull do you know that weighs a max of 35 pounds?? I’ll wait.

To my complete surprise it seems to fit, but by now I’m a complete skeptic. We will see how it works out in the morning. If it does work out, I’d be more than happy to write a review on it, just send me a comment or an email in the contact area and let me know if that is something you guys would be interested in!

Dillon and I have been strictly following a routine of date night on Friday nights for the past few months and it’s been really nice. I’ve come to look forward to Friday’s and I get really excited about them, especially since we both work retail schedules. Historically, Friday meant nothing to us, but now all of that has changed!

This particular date night we decided to go to a local game store called Uncle’s Games to purchase a board game. This place is cool because it has some really unique games and also hosts game nights weekly for the community! You can even trade in your used games for credit, it’s basically the cooler more entertaining Game Stop, but for board games.

Why board games are a great hobby

Can I just say how much board games have changed??? I’m used to Monopoly and Taboo, but there are some really exciting games out there. Dillon and I picked up this board game called Pandemic and it is a team building game where the purpose is to cure infectious diseases around the world. Up to four people can play and each person has a different role, you start in Atlanta where the CDC is located and then you travel around the world in hopes of finding cures to eradicate the four infectious diseases in the game.

Trust me this game is exciting and super fun, plus it has a limited amount of time and has a play time of 45 minutes max! This would be a great board for families and also if you want to host a game night with friends.

Pandemic Board Game

I haven’t played a board game in a really long time, and after playing this one, it made me think, this would be a really fun hobby! I mean, I’ve had hobbies in the past but nothing really stuck. Even though I really enjoyed this game and will play it many more times, I’m not sure if board games will stick for me, but still, I wonder. What other hobbies are there and should I invest in diving into one? Maybe you feel the same way?

How important are hobbies?

Hobbies are extremely important when it comes to reducing stress and depending on your personality and how well you already manage stress. Hobbies may be really helpful and can be a really fun way to channel your stress and energy into something fun and productive!

If you don’t have a hobby and are looking for some inspiration, or you already have a hobby and are looking for something new to engage in, look no further because I’ve gathered a list of 30 activities that are sure to reduce your stress, exercise your mind, and also engage and entertain you!

  1.  Exercise at the gym
  2. Take a dance class
  3. Grab some friends for a weekly or bi-weekly escape room challenge
  4. Get into puzzles (they’re fun to do by yourself or even with friends. You can also try puzzles like Sodoku for extra brain training!)
  5. Invest in some Barre classes (this is more of an expensive hobby, but it an amazing alternative to going to the gym, plus you will get toned super fast because it’s challenging and strengthening.)
  6. Drop into your local yoga studio
  7. Learn how to crochet (when you become a master of the beginning techniques, you can crochet an amazing blanket like this one here!)
  8. Master chess
  9. Find yourself in a pottery class
  10. Refine your pallet with cooking classes (or give baking a try!)
  11. Go for a hike (hiking is amazing for all ages and experience levels, just be sure to hike prepared and check out the hikers level before taking the off beaten path)
  12. Learn how to swim
  13. Learn candle making (and turn it into a side hustle!)
  14. Give video gaming a try (it’s not all Call of Duty, there are some really amazing and beautiful games out there)
  15. If you’re a movie buff, take yourself to the movies a few times a month
  16. Try gardening (succulent garden anyone?)
  17. Try your hand at winemaking (it is surprisingly easy to make wine at home! Try this recipe from Allrecipes here!
  18. Start crafting
  19. Give needlepoint a chance (hey, needlepoint doesn’t have to be dated, just check out this amazing Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillow)
  20. Become artistic by painting (if you are not sure how to, try a paint nite class, they are a lot of fun! find one on Groupon here!)
  21. Pick up a new language
  22. See through another lens with photography
  23. Go to music concerts/festivals (if you love music, might as well see if performed live right?!)
  24. Learn how to play an instrument (or learn a new one)
  25. Get lost in a book, or several
  26. Try making your own lotion (you can try one of these DIY lotion recipes here!)
  27. Make your own bath bombs (get a kit here on amazon.com)
  28. Start journaling
  29. Watch a few plays at the theater or get involved
  30. Pick out some board games and host game nights with friends and family

Are there any other hobbies that I left out? What are some activities that you like to do as a hobby? Leave a comment and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “30 New Hobbies That You Can Do To Manage Stress

  1. Aww, I hope Rose gets some relief soon, it sucks they can’t talk and tell us what is wrong. I have a full grown pittbull (Akira) too and she’s on the smaller size as well. That game seems awesome! I’m going to mention it to the boyfriend. We had a pop up board game night last night with some friends. He bought me Mario Kart Monopoly for Valentine’s Day and all 4 of us played yesterday. We had a blast and it only takes about an hour too. I want to go on more hikes this year, I love the fresh air.

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