How To Give Back To Your Furry Friend On #LoveYourPetDay

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Today is a very special day because today is #LoveYourPetDay and I cannot think of a better way to spend my time than to cuddle my pups all day! Unfortunately, I have to work today, but you better believe that as soon as I get home there will be lots of kisses, rubs, walks, and playtime!

As a child, I was, and still am, an animal lover. I would always bring home all kinds of pets, lizards, frogs, even insects! I just loved and admired life in nature. It all just seemed so simple to me. I thought animals were very mysterious and I was determined to find and house whatever animals I could get my hands on.

When I was 18 I adopted a dog from the shelter, she was a tiny eight-week-old pit bull and she was so small and underfed, you could see her bones, she also happened to be covered in poop. I was immediately taken with this precious little animal, I named her Jinx.

I had always wanted a dog, but my parents would never get one for us, so this time I brought one home to them, and no, they had no idea! I got her home and well, everyone fell in love with her!

Jinx passed away when she was four from lymphoma, and I was devastated. Her death was the first time I had ever truly experienced loss. She thought me so much about myself and changed my family forever. When she was gone, I felt like I had lost a friend.

Since Jinx, I’ve brought home two more dogs to my parents, they adopted one on their own, so their total is three. My younger brother adopted a dog and I currently have two with me and my boyfriend here in Washington. Because of Jinx, I believe the Wyricks are and will continue to be dog people.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Pit Bulls, it’s probably because they are just the sweetest little babies, and if you’ve ever owned one you’ll know exactly what I mean! Dillon and I adopted our Pit Bull Mix Rose two years ago when we still lived in California. All three of us made the trek up North and Rose has been the highlight of our lives since day one. We adopted her when she was six and fortunately for us she was well-behaved and super smart. If you ever meet her, ask her to give you money. Rose is quite generous when there are treats involved!

Our Sweet Girl Rose
Our Sweet Baby Rose

Our second dog Harvey, formally known as Onyx, was a rescue from Texas, he, his sister and mom were rescued from Hurricane Harvey (hence the name change). His mother, Gemma and her only two surviving puppies, Onyx and Opal, were abandoned and chained to a trailer park during the storm and were rescued by Houston K-911 Rescue, an incredible organization that not only saves lives every day, but also gives the opportunity for new and loving lives back to animals that were victims of neglect.

The way Harvey came into my life is pretty funny and it’s still hard for me to believe. It was September of last year and I was at work, just finishing up my lunch. I was outside on the phone with my boyfriend panicking about our SunBasket delivery that had been at the office for two days and I needed him to go get it before they closed.

Our Handsome Boy Harvey
Harvey Is Such A Good Boy

A lady walking the most striking dog literally just stopped and stared at me, when I realized I was being watched. I immediately thought she must think I’m yelling at her, I apologized and tried to explain my concern for my produce when she asked me very directly if I wanted to adopt this dog?

I looked at her and back at the dog and said “excuse me”, clearly she had stolen this dog and was trying to make a few hundred bucks. Momma didn’t raise no fool, so I, being concerned for the dog wanted to see if he had any identification. She starts telling me about the organization she works for, Houston K-911 and how she was fostering this dog, she pulls out all of his paperwork and hops on the phone with her point person at the shelter and gives me a moment with Harvey. We then agree to meet up again at a park near my apartment to do a meet and greet between Harvey and Rose and well, it went well and here we all, one big happy and furry family!

Since I was 18 I’ve never been without a dog and during some of my darkest, most depressed moments, I have relied on my dogs to get me through those moments so they have always been a very important part of my life.

Our Little Family
Our Little Family Is Complete With Our Dogs

Here are just a few of the ways having a pet can improve your life

They make you more active. 

It is impossible to have a dog and never go outside, it’s more possible with a cat, but either way, you will at some point be chased or have to chase your pet for a plethora of reasons!

You develop the ability to love and to be loved by a creature that wants nothing more from you than love period.

If you have never felt unconditional love, you will once you adopt a pet. You are everything to them, and if you’re lucky, they will become everything to you.

The bond is so pure you may feel like this little fur baby is your child and you may offend people who actually have children when you brag about them chasing their tails, and you may gross out people who are not animal lovers. You can remove these types of people from your life, because who needs that kind of negativity anyway??

You will become more responsible

You will need to put these animals before yourself in many cases because if you don’t there can be some pretty smelly or worse consequences. When they wake up you will also need to wake up to take them outside. You will also need to be prepared to balance your checkbook because not only do you have a friend, but you also have a new furry little expense. Pets are not cheap, and if having enough money to feed it is your idea of taking care of a dog, please reconsider adopting.

You are never without a friend

This is probably the best part about having a pet, and also what #LoveYourPetDay is all about. You have a forever friend, they will love you until the day they die and the love they give is incomparable. There has never been a time where I cried and I didn’t feel a little-wet nose on my lap looking to cheer me up. Or when I was happy and they fed off of that energy a multiplied my excitement by ten!

So how can you show them how much you love them too?

  • Get them a specialty raw bone. They will burst with joy at the sight and smell of a raw bone. Just be careful to let them enjoy it somewhere where you are okay with them making a mess. 
  • Take them on a long walk or a car ride to the dog park. What dog will turn their nose up at a chance to run free with other friendly dogs? If you let them off leash, make sure that their recall training is on point. We are still working on “come” with Harvey and I’m pretty sure that if I let him off the leash he would disappear into the forest and let his wild side hang loose, never to be heard from again.
  • Puppuccino anyone? Did you know that if you drive through Starbuck’s drive through with your dog, you can get a free puppuccino?! They will fill a small cup with whipped cream and your dog will be so freaking happy to enjoy their new and yummy treat.
  • Give them a full body rub down with coconut oil. Not only is it good for their skin, but it also makes them super soft and they will turn to putty as you give them the best massage of their little puppy existence. 
  • Play their favorite game with their favorite toy. Rose loves to play tug of war with her rope toy and if I say “get your toy” she will bring me her favorite and try to get me to take it from her. Harvey, on the other hand, will chase anything that squeaks. 
  • Give them good pets and tell them how good they are. There is nothing more powerful than positive reinforcement. And dogs are no different, they love to be told when they were good. So be sure to let them know today and every day for that matter!
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There are so many ways to show your pet that you love and appreciate them. What ideas do you have for showing your pet all the love on #LoveYourPetDay? Leave a comment below and lets trade ideas!

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