My Cold Weather Essentials To Keep The Winter Blues Out

Hello and welcome back to The Post-It Note!

Today I need to discuss how cold it has been lately here in Seattle. There are times when I take my dogs out for their walks and my hands are seriously so cold, hard and slightly purple. Call me a baby if you want to, but it can be very uncomfortable to make a fist.

I definitely know it can be much worse, especially if you live anywhere from the northeast coast to Minnesota. If you are reading this and you live in any of those places, I’m so sorry.

I was born and raised in California, Berkeley to be exact and our seasons were so mild our “seasonal changes” came from promotions to let us know what time of the year it was. If Starbucks started selling PSLs and peppermint lattes, we knew it had to be somewhere around the holidays and when the neighborhood fireworks came around every single night it had to mean it was summertime!

All that changed for me when I moved to Washington back in 2017. I had to clarify where I lived, I couldn’t just say Washington, I had to say Washington State and I had seasons, actual seasons and they are clearly defined too! So when I moved here at the end of August I quickly learned how seasonally challenged I really was and I learned the hard way the true difference between winter and summer.

Since we still have a few months of winter left, I think it is only fair to present to you my cold weather must-haves! So without further ado, you’ll need:

A Good Coat

The first thing on my list is a good down or down-alternative coat, mid-length with a hood! THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Last winter was miserable, I only had a light down packable jacket and a long black wool trench coat with no hood. I was either cold and wet, or super weighed down and wet. Neither looks were ideal or cute, especially in a place that rains as much as it does in Seattle.

This year I said not again! I was determined to find a good coat. So when I was shopping for one I had to make sure that it hit all the markers. I had to make sure that the coat was waterproof or water resistant, it had to be down, but also washable in the washing machine.

It also needed to be long enough to cover my butt, too many times have I set on a bench or chair and stood up with a cold, wet bottom! I also needed to have a hood that was a decent size that would fit over my afro but also be structured enough so I could look both ways when crossing the street. My final requirement was that my dream coat had to be less than $300 because who has that kind of money in this economy anyway?!

Bernardo Puffer Coat with Faux Fur Trim

I searched for months and I finally found it. I love everything about this coat and I am always cold so for the remainder of the winter season, I am currently living in my coat! Bonus points for the attached dicky that you can zip when you don’t want to fully close your coat!

You can shop this coat at Nordstrom.

Fuzzy Socks

There are few things in the winter that are more comforting than warm fuzzy socks. I have about 5 pairs that I simply can not live without. Check them out below!

A Good and Lasting Moisturizer

Thou shall not be ashy! Amen! If there are two things I can not stand, is being ashy and having dry lips, it ruins my entire day and I feel really self-conscious about it.

When I was a child I never moisturized my skin, possibly because I was too much of a tomboy, but as I got older and started paying attention to my looks, I learned early on that dry skin is an absolute no-no.

I personally prefer Nivea’s Extended Moisture Body Lotion right out of the shower. I also carry a small squeeze bottle of Aveeno hand lotion in my handbag. For my lips I love Vaseline’s lip therapy and Nivea’s lip balm, I have one in each handbag. All of these items can be found at either Amazon or Target, whichever is cheaper.

Water Resistant and Slip Resistant Boots

Blondo Ellie Waterproof Knee High Riding Boot

I love these boots because they are nice enough to be dressed up with a skirt and blouse and they are also simple enough to go casual with denim and a chunky sweater. No matter how you wear them, your feet will stay warm and dry, not to mention very thankful!

You can find them here at Nordstrom.

Sorel Tofino II Faux Fur Lined Waterproof Boot

These boots are excellent for walking around on icy pavement, trudging through snow, and walking your two very large dogs through slippery muddy grass fields in the rain.

You can also shop these boots at Nordstrom.

And No Winter Essentials List Would Be Complete Without A Hat, Gloves and A Scarf!

I love a good thick knitted beanie! They are just so warm and cute to boot! Express is having a killer sale right now so get yours quickly at only $15.99!

Express Striped Pom Pom Beanie

Find it here!

Madewell Fuzzy Multi Stripe Scarf

This is not the exact scarf that I have but I really like the Madewell brand, their scarves are made with amazing quality and they come in beautiful colors. I’m all about blanket scarves right now so the thicker the better!

You can find this one here at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Cashmere Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves

When the weather is nippy it’s a good thing to have a nice pair of gloves on hand, pun intended, to keep you completely warm. I prefer leather gloves because I think they’re warmer and also because I feel like they keep your hands dry. It’s a complete bonus when they are also touchscreen because no one has time to keep taking their gloves off and putting them back on over and over again.

Find a pair here at Nordstrom.

What are some cold weather essentials that you rely on?

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