3 of My Favorite Pinterest “Self-Love Activities You Can Do At Home” Pins

Welcome back and happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all have some fun activities lined up for the weekend, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do and I honestly have no idea where to go plus it’s supposed to rain which puts a big dent in my weekend plans.

I am itching to go do something though because I just #treatyoself to a new camera, actually my first DSLR. It’s a Nikon D3500 and it’s gorgeous! I really can’t wait until I have a day off (Sunday and Monday) so I can take her out and play with her! I am so excited!

Nikon D3500 Digital Camera

I still have a few days left before I can celebrate my weekend, so in the meantime, I’m going to drop some fun self-care activities I found on Pinterest that you can do at home to #treatyoself!

At Home Spa


I love this article because they have some bomb recipes to make your own masks and infused water! They also have body scrubs, make your own hair masks and body butters too! Try any of these DIYs to show yourself the love that only you deserve. To enhance your at home spa, try lighting some candles and playing your favorite music.

Read an Inspiring Book


I can think of nothing better to do on a rainy day than to curl up under a warm throw, drink tea, and read a good book. This article I pinned on Pinterest has some amazingly inspirational self-care books that focus on reducing stress and bringing inner peace to your life. Check out this article to find the next book on your reading list!

Get a Good Stretch In


I just recently started exercising again and I will tell you that there is nothing better before or after a workout than a good stretch. I end up feeling so relaxed and not to mention loose after stretching. Yesterday morning, I only had 20 minutes in the morning to get a workout in, so I opted for some yoga and also some resistance-band training. These poses are meant to relax your mind and body to help you melt the stress right out of you! Get out your yoga mat and find your inner peace.

I hope you enjoy these at home activities and to find more pins like these, visit my Pinterest page @thepostitnoteblog.


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