Five Days of Reflection – Day 4: A Love Note To Myself

We are close to the end of this reflection series and honestly, I’m feeling a little sad about it because I’ve been having so much fun with it and learning so much about myself!

Today’s reflection is all about the love we show for oneself. Have you ever wrote a love note to someone? If you did, how did it make you feel to write it? Were you giddy thinking about how the recipient would feel once they read it? Did the butterflies that you felt keep you from sending it? I’ve been there. However, I have never received a love letter until today. This is my love note to me:

Dear Jasmine,

I am so proud of you. You are becoming the woman you always dreamt you would become in high school and I’m speechless that in some ways you have even surpassed my expectations.

I know there have been some traumas that you went through, and sometimes those emotional wounds still open up and bleed from time to time, but you keep going inspire of the pain, and in spite of the hopelessness that sometimes invades your heart.

You did things that you never thought you’d be capable of.

You graduated from college, traveled across America and also to a few different countries, you moved across the country all by yourself and even though you were afraid, you did it because you were determined to have better than what you had back home.

You found love twice, the first time left you broken and traumatized and you promised you would never allow another person to love you again. However, I knew that you would try again because you are hopeful and you look for the best in people. I’m so happy you broke that promise and let yourself love and be loved by the most beautiful man I know.

But more than all of that, you found your voice and you found your purpose. You love people and you love to help and be of service to others, you’ve chosen to live your life in a way that reflects that and knowing that about you makes me smile. Never lose that light, you should know that it is contagious and others draw strength from you, always remember that.

I remember when you started to believe in yourself, it was like someone lit fireworks inside of you. First a spark, and now booms of light and magic dance within your eyes. You give me power every time I look in the mirror.

I know that sometimes there is still fear of failing, but I can tell that the fear that you once had has changed and like the fire that it once was that controlled your every move, it is slowly dying and it’s making room for something else, confidence. I want you to keep up that momentum because we still have so much work to do and I’m putting all of my faith in you. I love you more than you can ever know and I promise that I will continue to lift you up, praise your strengths and make sure that you get your rest when needed. I promise I will always take care of you!

I can not wait to see what this new chapter of your life brings you!



This was such a powerful exercise for me that I would love to invite you to write a love note to yourself!

I’m giving away my A Love Note To Myself Worksheet to you for free so you can practice this exercise of self-love! Just use the link below to sign up and be sure to check your email for the PDF file and it is yours for free!

The only catch is that you have to download it, print it out and write yourself the most amazing love note you have ever written, and when times get tough, or you don’t quite feel like yourself, you can pull it out and read it because the words on those pages are true and honest.

Once you are done, feel free to share a photo with me to my email: so I can share them on my social media to encourage others to love themselves a little harder!

Click here to get your free copy of A Love Note Worksheet!

A Love Note To Myself Worksheet

27 thoughts on “Five Days of Reflection – Day 4: A Love Note To Myself

  1. That is indeed a cute worksheet to use to write a note to yourself. I wonder what I would write to myself should I find the time to sit down and write.


  2. This is a wonderful entry that reminds me to be grateful and to reflect every signle day… You have a wonderful worksheet as well to keep notes of our day-to-day musings!! I love the color scheme too!


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