Five Days Of Reflection – Day 3: My Support System Is Strong

Welcome back to day three of the reflection series. The last two days revolved around learning to be content, regardless of what life throws at you as well as the power of friendship.

Today I’m focusing on my support system. These people are not necessarily my group of friends, although some are, the people in my support group holds many different roles. These people consist of friends, family, my boyfriend, and mentors that I look to when I can’t find the way myself. I believe that having a strong support system is one of the reasons why I am here today, focused and driven to better myself in all aspects of my life.

A support system is an essential component of a healthy quality of life.

First, what is the difference between a circle of friends and a support system?

I believe that friendship is attained through emotional connections between two people. Support systems are not necessarily friends and although they want what’s best for you, your support system is not always there to make you feel better. They are the ones that prepare you and give you tools to do the hard work to achieve your goals, whether your goals are personal or professional.

The people who are on my team are all smarter than me in one way or the other. They are book smart, street smart, tech-savvy, emotionally competent, and business savvy. I learn from these people and take mentorship from them.

I truly feel entirely grateful that these incredible people have taken an interest in me and also believe in something that I haven’t yet gotten a chance to see in myself.

I have used my support system to help me deal with professional problems that I have run into, like, how do I market myself properly using social media? How do I deal with a combative or disrespectful coworker or boss? How can I save $10,000? Or how do I tell someone that I love that their behavior is toxic?

About two and a half to three years ago, I met an incredible woman named, Nicole, who I was introduced to by a mutual friend. I wasn’t doing that well financially and had mentioned that I needed a second income, possibly a third. So my friend said she would arrange for me to meet with a woman who created and ran a fashion and styling app and since I had styling experience, I could possibly see if she had an opportunity for me.

I met with her over coffee and we talked for hours, I’m not sure why, but I felt super comfortable with this woman, whom I’d only just met, and told her about my dreams and aspirations.

Nicole told me that she believed that I had a fire inside of me and that it was bigger than my current job, bigger than even being a stylist for her. Her passion for what she saw in me, put me on a trajectory to entrepreneurship. For the first time, I believed that I could create and build something that wasn’t just for me, but that the world needed too.

Nicole is a big part of my life and I look to her as a guide of how I want to represent myself in business. Since that meeting, she has built an entire marketing company with a team of her own. I look at her journey as a standard of how hard I need to work in order to breathe life into my business.

Why is having a support system so important?

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that having a good and well-rounded support system is essential to improve your quality of life. My support system helps to make me better and stronger and we all need people in our corner that say I believe in you, not because they are your friends, not even because they love you, but because they 100% do and will stand in your corner. These are the people that will vouch for you and also most likely bet on you.

Where can I find people to help support me?

Some of the people that are in my support group are friends, some are family, others are people that I met looking for a job and stayed in contact with, some are people I asked to be linked with.

You have to have an open mindset and be able to swallow your pride to say “I need help” and follow up with “can you help me?”

Who do you have on your team and how has their influence been beneficial to you?

Let me know in a comment or email? Also, I would love it if you gave me some feedback on this blog and let me know if you found it to be helpful! Your comments and feedback help me get better and also help me to offer content that works for and benefits you.

47 thoughts on “Five Days Of Reflection – Day 3: My Support System Is Strong

  1. I’ve been able to revamp my team lately. By re vamping my team I have such great benefits of being involved with the people I am with now. I owe my current motivation level to my support system!


    1. Thank you Alissa! I’m so happy that you have a group of people to lift you up when you feel like you can’t go any further. I myself have relied on my team to keep me going more times than I can count! Thank you so much for visiting!


  2. What an awesome read. I agree that a support system is an important component of a healthy quality of life. I am lucky to have such a strong support system in my life as well.


  3. A support system is important, but not taken for granted. A few years ago I spent a long hard time both mentally and physically and I remember only the most total solitude … I could give up and only God knows how close I was to doing it because what had been my support system for years was who he had destroyed me. So I became my support system. accentuating the loneliness by force … because when you do not have anyone else but yourself you can do only two things: fight with your fingernails and with your teeth or let yourself go.


    1. This brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are 1000% right, WE are our greatest support system, we will be our best friends and our first loves. We have to be, because if we ever end up alone in this world it will be the difference between getting up or staying down. I’m sorry you learned that the hard way, but I’m happy you are here with us, fingernails and all! πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’•


  4. Beautiful thoughts! I wonder how I could have managed the expat life and challenges without a support system. And it can be really quite tough if you’ve got no friends or family around, like meeting new people again from scratch. πŸ˜‰


    1. Yes, you should check out Day 2 of my reflection series. It’s about being grateful for a good circle of friends no matter the size. When I moved to Seattle almost 2 years ago, I was so lonely, sure I had people back home, but it’s different when you have people around you too! Where did you relocate and from where?


    1. You know, sometimes you circle is small and that’s okay! Pitiful would not be the word i would use, grateful would be more appropriate because sadly some people can’t even rely on their family. I was there at one point, but luckily I was able to patch things up. I think you would enjoy Day 3 of the realization series. It talks about having a smaller circle! πŸ˜‰


  5. This was so inspiring, especially the part about the support system not including just your friends. I think it depends where you are in your life, and I think this circle is sometimes larger, sometimes smaller, but it is always worth remembering that there are people out there who have your back, no matter what!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is true and it’s harder as you get older due to everyone and their busy schedules! But if you find it hard to make those connections then I would suggest joining some Facebook groups and finding like-minded individuals to bump ideas off of. You can meet potential mentors this way! 😊


    1. We tend to play multiple roles, especially mothers. I have not had the honor to become one yet, but the mothers that I know ALWAYS put themselves last on the list. I think it is vital to have a support system for motherhood! This can come from your partner, community members, other mothers (who more could relate πŸ˜‰) and if you are working, a select few mentors at work that you trust!


  6. Having support system is certainly a great thing to have. My family and I are expats, and in terms of having a team to help one another is quite difficult in our situation. So basically my husband and I are each other’s support system.


  7. My family is my strongest support system and then slowly I realised that I am everyone’s support system πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So, presently I am like a anchorless boat going with the flow of the sea and hoping that I will reach my bank somewhere. Wish I was more open with my family and told them my problems, instead of always showing β€˜I am so strong’ mask. They would help if they know but I don’t feel like troubling anyone


    1. Thank you for sharing, I know that couldn’t have been easy! I would hate for you to fizzle out silently, perhaps you might want to try confiding in one person in your family that you are the closest with? This way you can get a release of your feelings and they can support you when you need a moment. 😊


  8. What a great post reflecting on who and how we choose our support group and circle of friends! There really is a difference and we need both.


  9. I had a great support team a few years ago but something happened and I lost contact with them 😦 I really hope to have some these days, I find it hard to trust on people.


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