Five Days of Reflection – Day 2: My Circle Is Small, and I like It That Way

I’ve been thinking lately about my social life since moving to Seattle. Over the past year, I have made some really incredible connections with some really awesome people.

My first year here was challenging to say the least. I had been planning this relocation with my boyfriend for about a year and when the opportunity finally came to move we were ecstatic! This level of enthusiasm has not changed and I am so happy that we decided to move.

But there were some things that took some getting used to. For instance, the environment was completely different, yes, there are more overcast days than there are sunny days. Also, everyone I loved, my family and my friends were all still in the always sunny California. Likewise, I quickly found out what the Seattle-freeze really was and I’m convinced that the theory regarding making friends is absolutely true.

I have since then overcome those challenges and the friends that I’ve made here plus the friends that I already had truly fulfills my need for companionable interactions. Frankly put, my circle is small and I’m good with that.

Five Days Of Reflection – Day 2 – My Circle Is Small, And I Like It That Way

I have about eight or nine people in my circle of friends that I have known since childhood, friends that I made in college, people that I vibe with on a deeper level, and a few of the people that I have connected with in my new home state.

I have come to lean on these people for support, encouragement, laughs, and tears and they have relied on me for the same. These are friendships that I expect to have for the rest of my life and no matter the bumps along the way, I know that I can always count on these people if and when times get tough.

Kendrick Lamar said it best, I am an “anti-social extrovert”! I am both the life of the party and a loner. I can talk on the phone for hours or watch it vibrate because I need a moment of silence. My people recognize and understand me for that and I appreciate them so much for allowing me space to not be social from time to time. That space is a gift.

We may not talk every day or even every month, but if anyone in my circle is reading this, I love you and I thank you for helping me develop into a functioning adult, for being my extended family and loving me when I could not love myself, for telling me when I’m being an idiot and for giving me the opportunity to be a better person. You are my treasured circle and I’m so grateful for all of you.

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