Wishing It Was Friday Already? 5 Tips To Minimize Your Stress at Work

It’s Tuesday morning and you are sitting at your desk wishing it was Friday afternoon. You are not alone, in fact, Tuesday is my Monday and I’m already wishing it was Friday! 

Depending on what you do to earn an income, be it sales, clerical, or freelancing, work can be really stressful sometimes. Maybe it’s an annoying coworker or a micro-managing boss. I’ve experienced both of these characters and have even found myself deeply rolling my eyes while trying to calm my fifth outrageously escalated client over the phone.

For the good days, but mostly bad days, this list will give you some helpful tips that I’ve found helpful to reduce your stress and keep you on track to finish the week strong. 

Quick Meditation

Meditation is something that I’ve been dabbling in and something that I’m working to incorporate into my daily routine. It has been proven to bring clarity to the mind and also reduce stress and anxiety. Elementary schools are even incorporating it into daily activities because of its health and mental benefits!

If you’ve never tried it before, it can feel somewhat intimidating, but baby steps are key. You can do a quick two-minute exercise by closing your eyes in your office and slowly counting to ten, one count for each inhale and exhale respectively. Don’t worry if your mind wanders, let it travel for a few seconds and then start breathing and counting from one again. If you don’t have a private office, feel free to find a quiet space, either indoors or outdoors. The bathroom works too! 

A Short Walk

Sometimes you just have to get out and switch up your environment to calm down from a stressful work-related interaction. Take a ten-minute break and walk around outside. Not only is the fresh air good for you, but just moving your body and getting a small dose of exercise has all sorts of mental and physical benefits. 

Once you feel comfortable, head back inside and let your new endorphins kick butt for you!

Drink A Glass Of Water

Water is nature’s best medicine. If you are experiencing a particularly testing situation at work, you might feel a little warm around the ears. If you can, politely excuse yourself from the situation and bee-line for the break room, fill up a glass of refreshing cold water and ah! You’ll feel better in no time. 

I particularly enjoy a mug of hot water, I am always super cold and being able to hydrate and focus on sipping the hot water really slows me down and lets me reflect on the situation. Sometimes I may find a way to resolve the incident or represent myself better in a disagreement. 

A Satisfying Stretch

This would be right up there with taking a quick walk, stretching helps to get the blood pumping which carries oxygen to your brain, helping you to relax. I sit at a desk all day and find that stopping to stretch out my wrists, arms, back, and neck really helps me to focus and work more efficiently. I also find that I am a little bit happier afterward too. Definitely a win-win if you ask me!

Have A Piece Of Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat every now and again? I know I certainly do! One of my favorite things to do is take a walk to this cute little boutique candy store after lunch and pick out a few of my favorite chocolates. I sometimes get a few extras just in case a few of my coworkers need a pick me up too!

If candy isn’t your thing, find something that you enjoy like coffee or a healthy snack, something that you can look forward to, and treat it like a daily ritual. 

Hopefully one of these tips can help to alleviate some of that nine to five stress. Are there some stress reducers that you find to work well? If so, please share below! 

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